Welcome to Chris Watson Photography and WatsonsLighthouses.com !
This web site will tell you a little about me but, more importantly, show you the Lighthouses I have photographed around
N. America and the Rest of the World. The links above will take you to the various regions and where these lighthouses are located.
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Hi I'm Chris Watson, I am a non-professional photographer and web site designer. I have been interested in SLR photography for many years. I have also had a fascination with Lighthouses ever since, as a child, my parents took me up one, and it was so narrow we had to return walking backwards down the stairs!

I am slowly (very slowly) making my way around the coast of the USA looking for lighthouse photo opportunities. Much of my research comes from a very good website Lighthouse Friends.com

As far as web site design is concerned, I have always enjoyed coding of one kind or another, .html .php .css and javascript are just different forms of coding but, with the additional benefit of being able to see the immediate, graphical impact of the code.

I hope you enjoy your visit, don‘t hesitate to e-mail me with any questions, comments, typos, etc. at this  E-mail address.

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